How to create and paint Necron bases

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In this tutorial we will see how to create and paint Necron bases in a simple way, which we can use for our Necron miniatures or alien planets.

Base creation

Firstly, the necron “crystals” or small monoliths are prepared. Miniature sprues can be used to mold them with a modeling knife.

Also, other materials such as plasticard sheets can be used, like the ones that Kromlech sells in their website, which can be molded easily.

The bases are prepared by adding rocks of different sizes and shapes. For this you can use plastic/resin rocks, cork pieces, etc. In this case I have used resin rocks from Spellcrow.

The necron crystals or monoliths that we have created in the previous steps are glued to the base.

To simulate an asphalt effect, Black Lava-Asphalt (26,214) is applied to all the bases.

We have the bases ready, now we can start the painting process!

Painting Necron bases

Before the painting process, the bases are primedusing Surface Primer Black(70.602) if using airbrush, or Hobby Paint Spray Black (28.012) if you want to use spray.

A quick dry brush is made using Cold Grey Game Color (72.050).

Now we will start with the OSL effect or lighting effect .

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Juan ( ElMiniaturista) for the ideas for this fast and cool OSL effect.

Using an airbrush, Dead White Game Air (72.701) is applied to the crystals and around them.

A mixture of Game Ink Yellow Ink (72,085) and Game Ink Green Ink (72,089) is made, in a 2 parts of yellow ink to 1 part of green ink ratio. This will be the maximum illumination and it is applied on the crystals and surroundings, leaving the ends of the crystals blank.

To finish with the airbrush, Green Game Ink (72.089) is applied to the ends of the crystals and around them, to achieve a darker green. It is important not to paint over the intense color applied in the previous step, I mean, not to paint in the central and lower area of the crystals.

Here we see theresult after following these simple steps.

To finish with these necron bases, the edge of the base is painted using Black Model Color (70.950).

Here we see the final result :

Do you want to download this tutorial in PDF?

You can download this tutorial in PDF from the Vallejo website.

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