How to Paint Dark Angels Armor

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This tutorial shows how to paint the Dark Angels armor using a combination of airbrush and brush.

For the tutorial we used the body, arms and weapon from the Kromlech company, as well as some parts from Games Workshop (head and backpack). Yoiu can buy this bits from Bandua Wargames too.

Prime Legionaries Bodies: Tabards
Prime Legionaries Plasma Rifles

Lets start!

1. The miniature is primed in black using Surface Primer Black 70.602 or Hobby Paint Spray Black 28.012.

2. Apply Game Air Dark Green 72.728 all over the figure with the airbrush.

3. Using the airbrush, apply a first highlight on the upper parts of the figure with a mixture of equal parts of Game Air Dark Green 72.728 and Game Air Sick Green 72.729. Apply only to the upper parts of the figure.

4. To apply a final highlight, prepare a mixture of 1 part of Game Air Dark Green 72.728 to 2 parts of Game Air Sick Green 72.729. This final highlight is applied with the airbrush to very specific points, further reducing the area sprayed.

5.-. 5. In the next step, using a brush, a wash is applied with which we will be able to highlight the details of the miniature more. Apply a controlled wash using a brush, all over the miniature, with 4 drops of Game Wash Black Wash 73.201, 3 drops of Game Wash Green Wash 73.205, 6 drops of Thinner Medium 70.524 and 8 drops of Flow Improver 71.362

6.- This mixture is applied in a controlled way throughout the miniature. Thanks to the Flow Improver, the wash settles only in the nooks and crannies of the miniature. It is recommended to use another brush soaked in Flow Improver on the lighter areas of the miniature to ensure that the wash is easily removed from them.

7.- Now we will start with the edge highlighting of the armor. To do this, the Artis Opus brushes from the M Series have been used. They are great because they allow greater control when edge highlighting. In this specific case I have used the size 0 brush from the M Series .

Outline the entire armor with a brush using Model Color Uniform Green 70.922.

8. A second outline is done on all the corners and edges of the armor, further reducing the area highlighted, using Model Color Green Sky 70.974.

9.- Below is the back of the armor after these steps.

Throughout this brush process, I recommend using a wet palette. Here we can see the colors and mixtures used, along with the RedGrassGames wet palette that has been used.

10. Finally, the remaining details on the figure, effects, etc., are painted. Below are 2 examples of Dark Angels painted with the same technique.

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