How to paint Fenrisian Wolves quick and easy

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This tutorial shows how to paint Fenrisian Wolves from Warhammer 40k in a quick and easy way. We will have our Wolf Packs ready for battle in just a few steps

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Let’s Start!

1. The wolf is primed using Surface Primer Black 70.602 or Hobby Paint Black 28.012.

2. Using the airbrush apply Game Air Sombre Grey 72.748 on the lower part of the wolf.

3. Also with an airbrush, apply Game Air Dead White 72.701 on the lower areas of the head and legs, leaving some of the Sombre Grey from the previous step visible.

4. The following wash mixture is applied by brush: 2 drops Game Wash Black Wash 73.201, 3 drops Game Wash Blue Wash 73.207, 6 drops Thinner Medium 70.524, 8 drops Airbrush Flow Improver 71.362.

5. Use the dry brush technique with Model Color Blue Grey Pale 70.905 all over the figure and then apply Model Color White 70.951 with a brush to the legs and all the lower areas.

6. The teeth are painted with Game Color Bone White 72.034 and the mouth and tongue with Game Color Heavy Red 72.141. Then apply Game Wash Umber Wash 73.203 to the above mentioned areas.

7. The tongue and gums are highlighted with a mixture of Model Color Magenta 70.945 and Game Color Squid Pink 72.013. For the teeth, use Game Color Bone White 72.034 and Model Color Ivory 70.918.

8. Paint the eyes and their outer part with diluted Game Color Heavy Red 72,141. Then paint the eye with Model Color White 70.951.

9. To create a glowing effect on the eyes, use Model Color Fluorescent Orange 70.733 and apply it directly to the area.

10. Here is another example on how to paint a wolf with brown tones. It is primed with a mixture of Surface Primer Leather Brown 70.626 and Surface Primer Black 70.602, resulting in a dark shade of brown.

11. Apply Game Air Beasty Brown 72.743 all over the lower area.

12. With a mixture of Model Air Ivory 71.075 and Game Air Flesh 72.769, paint the lower areas of the wolf.

13. In this case the following wash is used: 4 drops of Game Wash Umber Wash 73.203, 1 drop of Game Wash Black Wash 73.201, 4 drops of Thinner Medium 70.524, 5 drops of Airbrush Flow Improver 71.362.

14. Apply Game Color Khaki 72.061 with a dry brush.

15. Finally, Model Color Pale Sand 70.837 is used in the lighter areas with a brush for the final highlights. The rest of the steps would be the same as explained above.

16. Different painted wolves based in a winter setting.


It is something that you often ask me, so I will list below the brushes used throughout the process. The brushes that I usually use for their quality and duration are those of the company Artis Opus.

For the dry brush part, I used Artis Opus Series D. Specifically the Large model for the first dry brush and later the Medium model for the final details and highlights.

For the details I have used Artis Opus Series S size 1 and 0 brushes.

If you want to support me to continue creating free content for the community, you can do it here!

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