How to paint fire-shaped armor plates

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In the previous tutorial, I showed you how I painted the green armor of a Leviathan Dreadnought from Warhammer The Horus Heresy. I remind you that you can see the complete tutorial, from the conversion with Liberdaemonica bits, to the complete painting of it, in the 24th issue of Fantasy Figures International magazine.

Here is the cover of this issue!

In this tutorial, I will show you how I painted the fire-shaped armor plates.

Lets start!

I will show the example of how I painted one of these armor parts. I began by painting the areas covered with flame with Visceral Red (72.011)

I then used Gold Yellow (72.007) at the bottom and towards the top of the flame, Fire Orange (72.008). Once applied, I wet blended the two colours to create a smooth gradient. To apply this technique, it is important to apply both colours quickly and then with a clean brush, blend them into each other at the part where the colours meet

I did the same to the top of the flames with Fire Orange and Visceral Red.

For the top of the flames, I used Blood Red (72.010).

Next, I show you the colors used, and how it is important to use a wet palette in this painting process where we have been using wet blending. In my case I have used the one from RedGrassGames.

I didn’t want these fire-shaped armour plate motifs to be too saturated, so using the Artis Opus D-Series drybrush and small brush technique,I applied Night Red (72.111) to the undersides of these areas

Next, I applied another dry brush, but this time using pure black, over the top of the fire area

Finally, to regain some intensity in the lower parts, I applied some Hot Orange (72.009) as glazes, and at the bottom of the flames, a mixture of Sun Yellow (76.006) mixed with Model Color Ice Yellow

Below, you can see the result once all the fire plates of the armor have been painted.

And so much for today’s tutorial!

At first all the plates or parts of the armor that had the shape of flames, I intended to paint them with the colors of fire, but without it being real fire burning, just armor plates with that shape and colors.

The thing is that, after seeing the painted miniature, the upper parts shaped like flames of fire, looked like real fire, so I decided that they should have some kind of reflection on the armor and thus, simulate that they were fire. Also, my intention from the beginning was to create a luminous effect of the lava on the lower part of the miniature, so I took advantage and painted some OSL reflections on various parts of the miniature.

Here you can see the finished miniature, on a dark background to make the effects stand out even more:

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