How to paint muzzle flashes easily

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To celebrate the launch of the new “Fire Fury” paint set by Vallejo, which contains all the paints you need to paint fire and lava effects, I have prepared this tutorial where I will show you how to paint muzzle flash effects in a very simple way using the paints that come in this new set.

Let’s Start!


First, a white primer is applied, using Hobby Paint Spray White 28.010 or Surface Primer White 70.600 if we use airbrush.

Wet Blending

Game Color Moon Yellow 72.005 is applied on the baseof the light effect.

Then, Model Air Orange 71.083 is used on the rest of the surface, and using a clean brush, with both paints still wet, the wet blending technique is carried out tofuse the yellow and orangeto create a simple gradient.

Model Color Vermilion 70.909 is applied on the upper area, and the same wet blending technique is done in the same way as in the previous step, merging the red with the orange.

We repeat steps 2, 3 and 4 again, to get good gradient and coverageof the colors.

For this whole process, I recommend using a wet palette since it will help us to have our paints in perfect condition and make this wet blending in a more precise way. I use the RedGrassGames wet palette , because I think it is the best on the market.

You can buy it in their online shop or your nearest hobby shop.

Final details

Game Color Moon Yellow 72.005 is mixed with water to create a wash, and is carefully applied over the entire surface, focusing on the nooks and crannies and internal parts.

Apply some dilutedModel Color Hull Red 70.985 on the tip of the muzzle flash.

A mixture of Model Color Ice Yellow 70.858 and Game Color Moon Yellow 72.005 is applied to some of the internal parts of the flare. Model Color Ivory 70.918 is used to paint some dots at the base of the muzzle flash effect to achieve points of maximum light .

Here we can see the final result:

I also show you the new Vallejo pack that I have used, along with the wet palette from RedGrassGames which has simplified the whole process for me.

Usage examples

Below we can see the result by placing the effect on different miniatures.

Finally, remember that you can download the PDF version from the Vallejo website.

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One thought on “How to paint muzzle flashes easily

  1. Thanks for this, I just got some muzzle-flash bits from Anvil and I was wondering how to paint them. 🙂

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