How to paint Tau XV8 Crisis Battlesuit

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This tutorial is the sequel of the tutorial “How to paint orange armor”. It is recommended to read it before continuing with this one.

Next we will see how to continue painting this great Tau miniature , the XV8 Crisis Battlesuit armor .

Let’s Start!

Firstly, all the internal parts of the armor are painted black, using Model Color Black 70,950.

Metal Color Gold 77.725 is used to paint some rear areas of the armor.

The symbol of the shoulder pad is painted, using a mixture of Model Color White70.951 and Game Color Stonewall Grey 72.049 to achieve a greyish white, leaving the black color in the recesses.

Game Wash Umber Wash 73.203 is applied on the areas that had been painted previously in Gold.

In all the black areas, an edge highlighting is made using Model Color Sky Blue 70.961, to give it a touch of blue that will contrast with the orange of the armor.

Another edge highlighting is made on the symbol of the shoulder pad using Model Color White 70.951.

Now we will start by painting the helmet’s visor or lenses. Model Color Red 70.926 is used for the base color.

The bottom of the lenses is highlighted using Model Color Vermilion 70.909.

A small dot is painted in the upper left part of the lenses, using Model Color White 70.951, achieving a reflection effect in a very simple way.

Some extra details are painted, such as the part of the missile launcher, edge highlighting it with Model Color Neutral Grey 70.992 and Model Color White 70.951.

Finally, the miniature is placed on the base and we have finished the painting process.

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