New Bandua Wargames Portable Painting Studio: Rochela

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Our friends at Bandua Wargames have just launched their new product, Rochela, a portable painting studio!

The Rochela range of portable painting studios offers the opportunity to have a comfortable and tidy workspace anytime, anywhere. Designed for all fans who cannot have a permanent work area or for those who have to travel, Rochela responds to all those needs.

– Keep your workspace tidy and organized

Don’t waste time mounting and dismounting it every time you want to paint

Clean workspace by allowing work on a comfortable area intended for hobby

Resistant but light, you will have a durable work tool that does not take up much space and with a light weight

All Rochela models have the following dimensions:


There are 3 portable painting studios to choose from:

Rochela Mixed:

Rochela Mixed is a portable painting studio, with which you will have a complete painting space at any time or place, with space for 64 cans of different sizes and multipurpose spaces.

The Mixed model is the most comfortable and versatile format as it has space for 24 36mm cans (Citadel format) and 40 26mm cans (Army Painter, Vallejo, etc. format) as well as two removable multipurpose drawers, all adjustable in height and with a space to store miniature, support the paint can and brushes.

Rochela P26:

The P26 model is the format designed to hold 80 26mm cans, one of the most common formats among brands such as Vallejo, Army Painter, Scale75, etc…

Rochela P36:

The p36 model is designed for fans who mostly use Citadel brand colors, having a space for 48 36mm cans, perfect for this type of cans.

During the preorder period, all orders will include

– 3 Painting Handles

Painting guide from our studio, to paint the Castellano Crowe miniature step by step. Printed in high quality, and with a multitude of painting and assembly tricks and tips. Available in English or Spanish

If you want to support me to continue creating free content for the community, you can do it here!

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