Warhammer Underworlds – Starter Set – Unboxing

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Today I bring you a different post. This time I want to show you the Warhammer Underworlds starter set, a board game designed to play quick games in the Warhammer worlds.

Before I start, I would like to give special thanks to Games Workshop for sending me this box for free so I could show it to all of you.

Lets start!

What is Warhammer Underworlds?

First of all, we will start by explaining what Warhammer Underworlds is. It is a fast-paced game of skirmishing in the depths of a mysterious labyrinth, using highly detailed miniatures, using cards, dice rolls and clever placement of terrain, objectives and obstacles.

It is a game for 2 players, whose games can be played between 30 minutes and 1 hour, so it is ideal for beginners or if we want to introduce new players in this wonderful world.

What is included in the starter set?

The starter set includes everything you need to play. Firstly, it includes 2 booklets, one with everything you need to start playing, and the other with the complete rules.

2 double-sided printed folding game boards to set up your battlefields.

Game tokens: including objectives, wound markers, glory points, etc.

And of course, it includes 2 bands of miniatures (10 miniatures in total), as well as cards and dice. 8 dice (5 attack and 3 defense)

Below I show you detailed photos of the miniatures. first the complete band of the Sepulchral Guard (7 miniatures)

And here is the complete warband of the Farstriders warband (3 miniatures)

What else can I find in Warhammer Underworlds?

Finally, the game expands with bands that we can purchase to play with. In addition, a new season is launched from time to time. Each season of Warhammer Underworlds explores a new scenario.

If you want to know more about the seasons, I recommend you to visit this link.

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