New Bandua Wargames Portable Painting Studio: Rochela

Our friends at Bandua Wargames have just launched their new product, Rochela, a portable painting studio!

The Rochela range of portable painting studios offers the opportunity to have a comfortable and tidy workspace anytime, anywhere. Designed for all fans who cannot have a permanent work area or for those who have to travel, Rochela responds to all those needs.

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Experimenting with Vallejo Xpress Color on metallics

In this video I will show you different tests and experiments with the new Vallejo Xpress Color, this time using them on metallics to see how they behave and what uses they could have.

For the tests I will use some bases that the Kromlech company has sent me, which are great for these tests because they have different types of surfaces.

If you want to see how these paints behave on white paint (usual use), you can see my other video where I test and analyze them.

Discount in Kromlech (Bits of War) orders

A short note to announce that after speaking with Kromlech (Bits of War) , we have achieved a 5% discount so that all readers of this blog can enjoy the best possible price.

You will only have to add the coupon or discount code to the shopping cart and you will directly enjoy a 5% discount.

The discount code / voucher code is this one:


Remember that you have to enter it in the “Vouchers” section. If you have questions about how to redeem the coupon code, I have created a simple and short tutorial where I explain how to do it.

Enjoy it!