How to create bases in seconds for your miniatures

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This tutorial shows how to create bases in record time and look great on the battlefield, oriented to large armies and wargames. This technique or trick to create bases can be applied to any army or miniatures and even vary the tones depending on what you want to achieve.

In this example, we will create the bases for the battle droids that we explained how to paint in a previous tutorial.

Lets start!

1.- I threw some sand and small pebbles or cork pieces to simulate stones to replicate irregular terrain in a container and mixed them together. If you don’t have sand on hand, you can buy ready-made jars, such as these from Kromlech. They also have other types of materials to add to the mixture, such as pebbles, etc.

2.- And here we go with the key of this “Made in Pintureando” technique. The key to this technique is to apply pigment to the mixture to obtain the desired colour. In this case I wanted a reddish base so added Vallejo Pigments Dark Red Ochre (73.107).

3.- The sand and pigment are mixed well. Ideally use a container with a lid to be able to shake and mix the sand and pebbles thoroughly This is the sand once mixed, and we are ready to base our entire army! We already have sand ready for our entire army!

4.- I then apply White Glue to the bases. Remember to use an old synthetic brush for this task.

5.- The bases are dipped into the container and covered with the sand/pebble mix.

6.- It’s easier, of course, to attach the miniature to the base and then dip the miniature and base into the pigmented sand.

7.- This is the result: an army based in no time at all!

8.- Once the White Glue has dried, I recommend applying Airbrush Thinner (71.361) on the bases with a pipette to fix the pigment in place. Isopropyl alcohol can also be applied instead of thinner.

9.- Finally, if you want you can spend a few more seconds on each base, with a quick dry brush of Game Color Bronze Flesh Tone (72.036) on the bases.

Bases ready for the battlefield!
If you want to support me to continue creating free content for the community, you can do it here!

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