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Kromlech (Bits of War) Coupon codes and discounts

Are you looking for a coupon, discount codes or voucher for the Kromlech online store ( )? You are in the right place, as we have a special coupon for the community of this blog.

Kromlech has offered us a 5% discount coupon / voucher for blog readers, applicable to all orders on the online store Bits of War ( Kromlech online store ).

5% discount on Bits of War (Kromlech)


How to redeem the Bits of War coupon code?

Redeem this discount code is very simple. Once we have added everything we want to buy, we will only have to go to our shopping cart, and we will see a section where we can add our coupon code. As you can see in the screenshot, this section is called Vouchers. In that section we will have to enter the coupon “ PINTUREANDO5 ” and click on the OK button .

Then you can see it in the following image:

Once we have entered the coupon and clicked on the OK button, we can see how the 5% discount has been applied .

I attach an image where you can see the applied coupon:

And that is all! All you have to do is make the payment and wait for your order to arrive to start enjoying the Kromlech fantastic miniatures and bits.

I hope this mini-tutorial and the coupon or discount code have been helpful for all readers of this community.