How to paint Space Wolves armor

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In this tutorial I will show you how I paint the armor of the Primaris Space Wolves, quickly and easily. For this step by step we will use the Primaris size miniaturesSons of Thor” from Kromlech the company .

Let’s Start!


The entire miniature is primed in black . For this, Hobby Paint Spray Black 28.012 is applied or, if we use airbrush, Surface Primer Black 74.602.


Using airbrush, apply a mixture of Game Air Sombre Grey 72.748 and Model Air Blue 71.004 in a proportion of 3 parts of Sombre Grey and 1 of Blue. It is important to apply it selectively, leaving a slight black tone of the primer in the areas of maximum shadow.

For the final touch of light, the Game Air Wolf Grey 72.747 paint is used in a very controlled way in the areas where we want to provide the maximum light.


We will use my special wash recipe to enhance all the details of the miniature.

This mixture is applied in a controlled way throughout the miniature.Thanks to this recipe, we will make it a light wash which will be deposited only in the nooks and crannies in a simple way.

Tip: It is recommended to use another brush with pure Flow Improveron the areas of maximum light of the miniature, to ensure that the wash disappears from these areas and remains only in the nooks and crannies.

Edge Highlighting

The entire armor is edge highlighted using a mix of Game Color Sombre Grey 72.048 and Model Color Sky Blue 70.961.

To finish with the armor, all the corners are painted with Game Color Wolf Grey 72.047. A few small dots of Model Color White 70.951 can be painted as points of maximum light to generate a greater contrast.

The result of the rear part of the armor is shown here.

Once the armor is finished, the rest of the details of the miniature will be painted. Below are some finished miniatures.

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