¡New collaboration with Bandua Wargames!

Today we have great news! We will start collaborating with Bandua Wargames, one of the most important national and internationalstores in the world of miniatures, paints, accessories and wargames.

This store also operates both nationally and internationally through its online store.

What can you find in the Bandua Wargames online store?

Bandua has its own brand and they manufacture all kinds of very useful accessories for hobby lovers:

Scenery and game mats to take your games to the next level.

Accessories , transport boxes and tokens for your miniature games.

Painting accessories and paint bottle organizers.

Accessories for hobby and painting: airbrush templates, paint bottle mixers, custom decals, etc.

In addition, you will find a complete catalog of leading brands, miniatures, paints and accessories for the hobby, at the best prices and with great discounts.

And the shipping costs? Free shipping costs from 60 euros ! (see conditions and destinations)

We have things lined up for the next few weeks that we’re sure you’ll love, so stay tuned!

How to paint lava bases for miniatures and wargames

In the previous tutorial I showed you how we could create these lava bases quickly. In this second tutorial we will see how to paint them easily

As I told you in the previous tutorial, these bases are ideal for use, for example, as bases for Salamanders (warhammer 40k space marine chapter).

That said… Let’s start with the tutorial on how to paint lava or volcanic bases!

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How to paint Tau bases for Warhammer 40k

In a previous article, I showed you how to create custom bases for your Warhammer 40,000 Tau army,where we used a GreenStuffWorld textured rolling pins to create them. In this second part, we will see how to paint step by step these great bases.

I’ll show you 2 ways to paint these bases. Firstly a very fast technique and then another slightly more elaborate way,so that you can see different possibilities.

Let’s Start!

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