How to paint Star Wars Legion Battle Droids Quick and Easy.

This tutorial shows you how to paint a complete army of Battle Droids ‘quick and easy’. This approach is really for gamers and oriented to creating large armies that they are ready for the battlefield in record time. The goal is to paint a large number of miniatures in a production line, using the same colour at the same time on all of them to save time. The techniques though are applicable to painting full stop, whatever aspect of the hobby takes your fancy.

For this tutorial, I have used the Battle Droids from the Star Wars Legion tabletop game.

Lets start!

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How to paint Mandalorian miniature – Star Wars Legion

The second season of The Mandalorianhave been released recently. To celebrate it, I had thought about painting a figure of a Mandalorian , which will also be great for our showcase or for our Star Wars Legion wargame .

In the Star Wars Legion game, we can use it as a “proxy” for Boba Fett or any other bounty hunter . We could even use it as a proxy in some of our Warthammer 40k games as well.

Finally and before starting the tutorial, we have to mention that this figure is a version of Wargame Exclusive (Imperial Vindilorian Assassin) and I must say that I was very surprised by its quality and details.

Let’s Start!

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