How to paint a battle damaged orange armor suit

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This tutorial shows how to quickly paint a battle damaged orange armor using the new Game Color and Xpress ranges from Vallejo. By following these steps you can easily paint an entire army with very striking orange armor. We have used the Hearthkyn Warrior from Games Workshop.

Lets start!

1.- First, the miniature is primed using a reddish color. The miniature is primed using an 8:1 mixture of Surface Primer Pure Red 70.624 and Surface Primer German Red Brown RAL8012 70.605.

2.- A basic highlight of the armor is done with an airbrush ,using Game Color Ink White 72.082, over the areas of maximum luminosity, leaving the primer color on the shaded areas.

3.- A wash is applied with the following mixture to highlight the details on the miniature: Game Color Wash Black 73.201, 4 drops of Thinner Medium 70.524 and 4 drops of Flow Improver 71.362. The wash is then removed using Flow Improver from the more prominent areas of light, so that it only collects within the recesses of the armor suit.

4.- A mixture of equal parts of Xpress Color Martian Orange 72.405 and Xpress Color Imperial Yellow 72.403 is airbrushed over the entire armor to achieve a deep orange. If a more reddish shade of orange is desired, use only Xpress Orange Martian 72.405.

5.- To increase the saturation of the orange tone, use Game Color Fluorescent Red 72.157 with the airbrush, applying it only to the higher spots of light on the armor suit.

6.- Use Game Color Charred Brown 72.045 to simulate some battle damage. The color is applied with a small sponge, creating a chipping effect. Scratches are then recreated with a brush.

7.- Next, the edges of the armor are outlined using Game Color Orange Fire 72.008. Game Color Moon Yellow 72.005 is added to the mixture for the brightest areas. The lower areas of brown chipping are painted to highlight these effects. It is outlined using the stippling technique to create a worn armor effect.

8.- Small dots are painted on all the corners/vertices of the armor, as well as on the larger battle damage, using Game Color Sunset Orange 72.110.

The lion’s share of the paint job on the armor suit is now finished, with only the remainder of the details on the figure left to be painted. Several miniatures finished following this process.

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