How to paint Goku kid in anime style (Part 1) – Dragon Ball

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Today we have a very special tutorial, since I am going to show you a different type of paint that I am not used to. This is my first figure that I paint in the anime style, although I have really enjoyed painting it and it has been a different challenge, so I hope to paint more miniatures in this style later.

In this tutorial we will see how to paint a Goku kid miniature in anime style .

Let’s Start!


To begin, a black primer will be used. Surface Primer Black 70.602 can be used both with a brush and with an airbrush or, otherwise, Hobby Paint Spray Black 28.012.

Optionally, using an airbrush, apply a zenithal highlight using Game Air Cold Grey 72.750.

All of Goku’s skin is painted using Fantasy Pro Natural Flesh 74.006.

In all skin folds, apply a mixture of Fantasy Pro Natural Flesh 74.006 and Fantasy Pro Burned Flesh 74.002.

The first light is applied using Model Color Sunny Skin Tone 70.845.

A final light is applied to the skin using a mixture of Game Color Pale Flesh 72.003 and Fantasy Pro Highlight Skin 74.008.

For this entire process, its recommended touse a wet palette . I use the RedGrassGameswet palette , which is for me, the best palette on the market at this moment.

If you buy from Spain I recommend you to take it in Frikland , since it is one of the distributors in Spain with the best prices on the market.

The eyes are painted using Model Color White 70.951 and after that, the pupils and eyebrows with Model Color Black 70.950.

Game Color Heavy Red 72.141 is used for all Goku’s clothes.

For the base color of the clothes, Game Color Bloody Red 72.010 is used, leaving the previous dark red in all the folds.

We apply the first lighting with Model Color Orange Red 70.910, this time focusing on all the points where we want a lighter tone.

To give the final touch to the clothes, Game Color Orange Fire 72.008 is used in small areas of maximum light.

For the socks, a first base coat of Model Color Neutral Grey 70.992 is painted. After that, Model Color White 70.95 is used, leaving the gray in the lower areas where the shadows would be.

Prepare a dark blue color, mixing Model Color Dark Sea Blue 70.898 and Model Color Blue 70.925 and paint the shoes and the wrist cloth.

The base color is painted, making a mixture of Model Color Blue 70.925 and Game Color Magic Blue 72.021. As previously done with other parts of the figure, we will keep the dark blue from the previous step in the lower areas and folds of the clothes.

To finish with the blue color, we will paint a light in the upper areas, where Game Color Electric Blue 72.023 has been chosen.

So that this tutorial does not become too long and heavy, in Part 2, which we will publish shortly, we will see how to finish with this Goku kid miniature painted in anime style

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