How to paint necron warriors easy and fast

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In today’s tutorial we will see how can we paint necrons quickly and easily, and with a result that will look great on the table.

On the other hand, if you remember, in the previous tutorial I explained how to easily create and paint necron bases , so in this tutorial we will focus on how to paint the miniature.

Let’s Start!


First, a metallic primer is applied, using Hobby Paint Spray Metallic Gray 28.031.


A quick washis applied throughout the armor, using a mixture of Game Ink Skin Wash 72.093 and a pinch of Game Ink Black 72.094.

Game Ink Black 72.094 is used to paint other parts of the armor.

A quick dry brush is made over the entire armor using Model Color Gunmetal Grey70.863.


The weapon is painted black, using Model Color Black 70.950

We edge highlight the weapon, using Model Color Neutral Grey 70.992.

All the edges and corners of the weapon are painted using Model Color White70.951

OSL effect – Lighting effect

Now we will start with a very fun part, the OSL or lighting effect . I want to thank Juan again ( The Miniaturist ) for the ideas and tips for this OSL. If you do not follow him yet, I recommend that you visit his profile, because he uploads very interesting content.

First of all, all the areas that we want to illuminate are painted using Model Color White 70.951.

Using the airbrushand highly diluted Game Air Dead White 72.701, paint the outer area of all the spots that we had previously painted white. It is important that the paint is very thin in this step, so it is recommended to use Thinner and even Flow Improver .

A mixtureof 2 parts of Game Ink Yellow 72.085 to 1 part of Game Ink Green 72.089 is made, and it is applied using the airbrush, striking the central part of the points of light.

The airbrush is used to apply Game Ink Verde 72.089 to all the outer areas of the light effect.

All the central points of the light effect are painted with a brush, using Model Color White 70.951.

To finish, on these same areas Model Color Yellow Green 70.954 is used


Here we can see the result after following all these steps. We can now paint our entire necron horde quickly!

And here we can see the result using a dark background, where the OSL or green lighting effect stands out much more:

Finally, remember that you can download the PDF version from the Vallejo website.

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