Desert Tower for Tatooine – Star Wars Legion

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We continue with more Tatooine terrain / scenery, and today I want to show you how I have prepared and painted a desert tower for Star Wars Legion. It is a 3D model from Imperial Terrain, at the end of the article you will find the links to grab this model.

Before continuing, if you haven’t read it yet, I recommend you read this step-by-step article I prepared on how to prepare a building for Tatooine, as I will follow more or less the same steps on this occasion, but as I already explained many parts, step by step in that article, I won’t go into as much detail in this one. Therefore, I recommend that you read the other article before reading this one.

First, I have applied Gesso to all the elements that I will not cover later with filler, and once dry, I have covered all these elements with masking tape:

In the next step, we create a paste with the following materials: filler, a little water and white glue, until the desired texture is obtained:

Now with the help of a brush, we apply this paste all over the building. Spread all the paste over the building, and let it pass approximately 5 minutes. Now, we take a sponge and give it the desired texture by moving and removing some paste depending on the thickness and texture we want to obtain:

We let it dry for 24 hours, and then I applied a primer and painted as I explained in the previous article. I will not explain it again as the step-by-step is explained in this article. In my case, I painted it using an airbrush, but you can paint it with a brush.

However, I will mention the materials I have used in this process:

Brown Earth from Vallejo (for areas that we want to give a different texture)

Vallejo Model Air – Sand 71075

Vallejo Model Color – Dark Sand 70847

Vallejo Model Color – Sand Yellow 70916

Vallejo Model Air – Sand Yellow 71028

When painting with airbrush, the Model Color paints are diluted with Vallejo Airbrush Thinner.

Here is an image of the result after applying these colors:

Finally we apply a dry brush of Titanium buff Light (Amsterdam) and then with white.

How to paint the door

In the previous tutorial, I didn’t explain how I painted the door, as it was barely visible and not removable as in this model, so in this tutorial I will explain how I have painted the door to look like Tatooine’s doors and with rust, corrosion and dirt effect. As I said in the other article, I also cut the doors at the bottom, so that the door doesn’t protrude so much through the entrance hole.

We start by applying the base colours, in this case Leather Brown and also Bronze fleshtone from Vallejo Game Color.

Once dry, we start with the weathering effects of rust and corrosion. First, using a sponge or sponge brush, we apply Camouflage Black Brown (Model Air).

Later I have complemented this brown with Citadel Typhus corrosion, to give it another shade of brown and some texture.

In the following steps I have applied Oxide-Rust and Light Rust (Vallejo).

Here I list the paints I have used for the effects of rust and corrosion in the order in which I have applied them, and a photo with the result:

71042 – Vallejo Model Air – Camouflage Black Brown

Citadel Technical: Typhus Corrosion

71080 – Vallejo Model Air – Rust

71129 – Vallejo Model Air – Light Rust

Citadel Shade: Agrax Earthshade

Finally, I applied a wash with Citadel Agrax Earthshade:

To finish this model, I have painted the rest of the components of the building, applying a base color, lights and washing in some cases.

And to give it the final touch, I have applied pigments, especially Natural Umber pigments (73109) from Vallejo. For this application, I mixed the pigments with Vallejo airbrush thinner and applied them with a brush to the bottom of the building and to all the areas where I wanted to apply dirt effects.

Here I show you the final result:


Finally, I’ll share the links as promised at the beginning of the article.

You can buy this 3d piece at Imperial Terrain, below the links:

  • Design already printed in 3D: Desert Tower
  • STL files for printing on your own: STL files
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