How to paint arctic camouflage on a Mortian battle tank

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This tutorial shows how to paint an arctic camouflage on a futuristic battle tank in a quick and easy way.

The Mortian Battle Tank (MBT) was used for this tutorial. (MBT, Mortian Battle Tank). This tutorial is totally valid for painting any Astra Militarum or Imperial Guard tank: Leman Russ, Macharius, etc.

Let’s start!

1.- The battle tank model assembled and ready for the painting process.

2. The tank is primed using Surface Primer Black 70.602, with an airbrush.

3. The airbrush is used for the following steps. Model Air Grey Blue 71.005is applied for the base color.

4. Apply Chipping Medium 73.214all over the vehicle. This medium is transparent and allows us to easily remove the next coat of paint.

5. Once it is dry to the touch and after a few minutes, Model Air White 71.001 is applied randomly all over the tank, focusing more on some areas in order to generate different shades.

6. The previous application of Chipping Medium will allow us to remove part of this white layer, generating an arctic camouflage effect in a quick way.

Different tools such as a toothbrush, flat brushes, toothpicks or even airbrush cleaning tools can be used to remove this layer.

7. Dip the tool to be used in waterand rub it on the miniature. The white paint will start to peel off, creating the desired effect.

8. Some of this paint will be removed in a random manner on all surfaces of the tank. Different effects can be created depending on the tool used and the pressure applied to the surface. Once this simple process is done, the result is shown below.

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