How to Paint Black Templars step by step

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In the previous article I showed you how to paint a high contrast black armor

In this tutorial, we will continue the process, to explain how to paint a Primaris Space Marine of the Black Templars chapter.

For this step-by-step guide, we will use a Primaris Reiver of the Space Marines.

Let’s Start!


As mentioned above, for the black armor painting process, I recommend you to read the previous tutorial, where I explained step by step how to paint a black armor, which will be a good guide to paint those Black Templars.

In that tutorial I explained how to paint using airbrush and brush, a black armor with high contrast. If you’re looking for a lower-contrast (blacker) armor, in that same tutorial I explain how to achieve it.

Base colors

We will start by painting all the leather parts of the miniature,using Flat Earth Model Color.

In this case, I have also chosen to paint the gun case and knife case,using Chocolate Brown Model Color.

For the grenades,I have used Military Green Model Color as the base layer, and then I gave it a touch of Intermediate Green Model Color on top, to start creating a quick gradient.

For the Purity Seal I used Red Model Color,and BoneWhite Game Color for the paper.

For the gold of the shoulder pad and the skull of the chest,I have made a mixture of Gold Metal Color with a pinch of black,to give it a darker golden tone.

We continue with the metallic colors,so we will paint the knife using Dark Aluminum Metal Color. We will also take the time to paint all the metallic areas, such as the bolter, grenade rings, etc.

If we want to generate a small and fast contrast, we can apply a mixture of Dark Aluminum Color,with a little Steel Metal Color ,and apply it at the bottom of the knife.

At this point, we’re done with the base colors. The miniature should look like this:

Washes / Shades

We will start by applying washes to our Black Templar, using Umber Wash on all the brown/leather parts of the miniature.

We will also use Umber Wash for the red purity seal, and Sepia Wash for the paper of this same seal.

In addition, we will perform a mixture of Green Wash with a little Black Wash,and apply it to the grenades.

We can also take advantage now and apply a light Black Wash for all the metal areas,although in my case I will apply this final wash later, as you will see in the following steps.

Lights / Edge Highlighting

We’ll start with the leather parts. For that, we will use Flat Earth,mixed with Sunny Skin Tone Model Color,and we’ll even use Sunny Skin Tone directly in some corners to generate more contrast.

We’ll do the same with the Chocolate Brown Model Color.

We will apply a quick wash on all the metallic areas, like the bolter (which we missed applying it in the previous point), using Black Wash. Its a good idea to dilute it with a little Thinner Medium.

We will illuminate the paper of the purity seal with a mixture of BoneWhite Game Color and Bone Model Color.Also, we will use “Bone Model Color” directly in some corners to generate a bigger contrast.

We will highlight the red purity seal with Bermellon Model Color,and then at some points we will create extra highlights making a mixture of Bermellon and Bone Model Color.

To illuminate the grenades,a mixture of Intermediate Green with Bone Model Color will be applied.

The bolter will be highlighted it using Neutral Grey and White in some of the corners.

We can illuminate the silver colors with a little Silver Metal Color.

Finally, we will paint the eyes (we will see that in another tutorial) and after following these steps, we will have our Black Templar Space Marine finished.

In addition, we would have to add decals or paint the emblem of the Black Templar performing a freehand (In this case, we have used a decal).

Final result

Here I show you the final result after following these steps:

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