New Bandua Wargames Portable Painting Studio: Rochela

Our friends at Bandua Wargames have just launched their new product, Rochela, a portable painting studio!

The Rochela range of portable painting studios offers the opportunity to have a comfortable and tidy workspace anytime, anywhere. Designed for all fans who cannot have a permanent work area or for those who have to travel, Rochela responds to all those needs.

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Experimenting with Vallejo Xpress Color on metallics

In this video I will show you different tests and experiments with the new Vallejo Xpress Color, this time using them on metallics to see how they behave and what uses they could have.

For the tests I will use some bases that the Kromlech company has sent me, which are great for these tests because they have different types of surfaces.

If you want to see how these paints behave on white paint (usual use), you can see my other video where I test and analyze them.

First contact, Test and Review of the new Vallejo Xpress Color paints

Below you will find the video where we havea first contact and test with the new Vallejo Xpress paints , which will be released in the coming weeks . These paints are Vallejo’s answer to the Citadel’s Contrast or Army painter’s Speedpaints.

In this video I will show how I apply these new paints on some bases from Kromlech (thank you very much for sending me these bases to be able to do this test) Likewise, we will see the final result once the paint has dried , and I will give you my opinion after this first contact

In the coming weeks I will show photos with the entire range using these same bases.

How to paint weathering effects on Imperial Guard battle tank

This tutorial shows how to easily and quickly paint weathering effects on a futuristic battle tank.

The Mortian Battle Tank (MBT) was used for this tutorial. (MBT, Mortian Battle Tank). This tutorial is valid for painting any Astra Militarum or Imperial Guard tanks: Leman Russ, Macharius, etc from Warhammer 40,000 or other wargames.

If you want to see how to paint an arctic camouflage for your tanks, I recommend that you read the previous tutorial.

Let’s Start!

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How to paint weathering effects easy and fast

Here I show you a quick video about how to paint weathering effects on your miniatures.

This is valid for any armor or vehicle of Warhammer 40.000 or any other wargame.

Here are the steps explained in the video:

1.- Paint the shoulder pad / miniature using the colors you prefer.

2.- Create some chipping, use a sponge or brush and your lightest highlight color. Then use a dark brown color over the previous chips.

3.- Use oil paints to create some streaking effects. I have used AMMO Rust oilbrusher because it makes the process easier, but you can use any oil paint. Apply it and wait 1-2 minutes. After that use white spirit to blur it and its done!