How to paint red cloak on miniatures and wargames

In this article I will show you how to paint a red cloak (or a cloth, tunic, cape, robe or as you prefer to call it), in a simple way and using airbrush. In this quick process you will see how to paint any red cloak or cape on your miniatures, and to show it I will use as an example a Wolf Guard Terminator leader from the Space Wolves of the Warhammer 40,000 game.

Let’s start!

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How to paint Space Wolves – Wolf Guard Terminators

In the last weeks I have received a lot of requests to make a tutorial about how to paint these veteran Space Wolves warriors.

So here I bring you a complete step-by-step tutorial about how to paint a Wolf Guard Terminator (also known as Space Wolves Terminators).

Also, we have to mention that for these Terminators, I have used some of the heavy shoulder pads from the Spellcrow company, which as you will see later, look great.

Let’s Start!

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