How to paint arctic camouflage on a Mortian battle tank

This tutorial shows how to paint an arctic camouflage on a futuristic battle tank in a quick and easy way.

The Mortian Battle Tank (MBT) was used for this tutorial. (MBT, Mortian Battle Tank). This tutorial is totally valid for painting any Astra Militarum or Imperial Guard tank: Leman Russ, Macharius, etc.

Let’s start!

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How to paint Salamander Space Marines on Motorbike – Outriders (Part 1)

The Salamanders are one of my favorite Space Marine Chapters. That’s why when the indomitus box with new Primaris space marines Outriders was released, I wanted to get the box to paint them.

In this first tutorial, we will see how to customize the miniature and how to paint the armor of a Salamander Space Marine. Do you want to see how I have customized and painted this miniature?

Well… Let’s go! How to paint Primaris bikes from the Salamanders chapter:

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How to paint battle damage easily on Primaris Repulsor tank

This tutorial shows how to paint some effects, weathering and battle damage on a futuristic tank, to make a sci-fi vehicle look impressive on the battlefield. A Warhammer 40k Primaris Repulsor tank has been used for this example, adding some extra bit customizations for Space Wolves from the Spellcrow company.

This tank was published in White Dwarf magazine in December 2020 (# 459) , which was an honor for me.

Let’s Start!

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