How to paint Necron Canoptek Scarabs without airbrush easy and fast

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This tutorial shows how to paint Necron Canoptek Scarabs, without airbrush and in a quick and easy way to have our army painted in the shortest time possible, but with some effects that stand out on the battlefield.

Let’s Start!


Hobby Paint Spray Gunmetal 28.031 is used on all the scarabs to be painted. This spray will allow us to prime lots of miniatures in seconds, making it a great idea for armies.


A diluted mixture of Game Color Smokey Ink 72.068 and Game Ink Skin Wash 72.093 is prepared and applied to the central armor of the scarabs.

Game Wash Black Wash 73.201 is used on the rest of the metallic gray parts.

Model Color Gunmetal Grey 70.863 is applied using the dry brush technique all over the miniature. Then, on the metallic gray parts, a mixture of Model Color Silver 70.997 and Model Color White 70.951 is used in points of maximum light.

Earth Texture Black Lava-Asphalt26.214 is applied throughout the base. Once dry we paint the entire base and edges using Model Color Black 70.950.

A dry brush is made on the base with Game Color Cold Grey 72.050.

OSL effects

The central part and edges of the scarabs are painted with Model Color White70.951.

On these areas, Model Color Fluorescent Green 70.737 is used.

A small dot of Model Color White 70.951 is applied to the central part of the scarabs.

Finally, Model Color Fluorescent Yellow 70.730 is used on these white dots to achieve a luminous effect.

Final result

Below we can see the final result of several Necron scarabs painted quickly following these steps:

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