Space Wolves Terminators – Conversions of the new Terminators from the Leviathan Box (10th Edition)

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In just 2 days the new Leviathan box will be released, so to celebrate it and to give ideas/inspiration on how to customize the new miniatures, I decided to show you the conversions I have prepared of the new primaris Terminators. Also, in the next few days I will show in my Instagram account the process of painting the whole Terminator squad.

If you want to see the conversions and painting I have done of the Captain in Terminator armor and the Librarian in Terminator armor from the Leviathan box, you can see them in the previous articles.

Of course, many thanks to Games Workshop for sending me the new edition before its release.

Lets start!

I wanted to give a Space Wolves touch to all the miniatures, but without overloading them. For the heads I used the ones from the Grey Hunters / Blood Clawskit It is important to know that the lower oval base of the heads must be cut off, as they are placed on a flat surface on the terminator armor.

I also used some extra wolf bits, such as amulets, wolf tails, etc., all of them from the Grey Hunters kit and the Space wolf primaris upgrades kit.. In addition, I added some small chains and sculpted some wolf fur with green stuff. Also, I removed a few purity seals so that they would not have too many, and left only a few in less visible areas.

To easily create the wolf pelts, I used the wolf fur texture plate from Green Stuff WorldAlthough it is necessary to manually sculpt a large part of the fur (using a very fine sculpting tool or even a toothpick), but at least part of the work is already done.

I leave you with the photos of the different conversions I have made:

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