The ultimate miniatures and Warhammer Transport Case – Airas Box

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In this article I want to talk about something essential for all of us who paint miniatures or play wargames games where we have to transport miniatures: A case or box to organize, expose and transport our precious figures.

Surely on more than one occasion you have asked yourself:How can I transport my miniatures safely? Well, stay tuned because in this article I will review the Airas Box miniatures carrying case from Bandua Wargames.

Lets start!


The first step once we receive this modeling case will be to assemble it. Following the step-by-step instructions(link to PDF) we will have our case assembled in a few steps.

The first step is to assemble the main structure, the body of the box. It is advisable to use white glue throughout the process to fix all the wooden planks together. I also think it is advisable to use masking tape while we are assembling the box, as it will allow us to secure the joints until the glue dries:

Next, we will mount the back cover and also add all the reinforcements, both front and rear:

Airas Box packs come with rigid metal plates, made of steel, to ensure maximum adhesion with magnets. We will use a multi-surface contact glue to glue these metal sheets to the wooden boards.

We also glue the metal plate on the bottom of the box and place all the screws with the help of a screwdriver. Here you can see the final result:

Finally, we will place the transparent methacrylate door and we will have the case perfectly assembled. As you can see, this is a portable miniature display case!

Finally, it should be noted that this box can be varnished to protect it from humidity and extend its useful life, and we can even customize it and paint it to our liking.

The assembly process for the Airas M-Series is exactly the same. Here are some photos of the assembly:

And then I show you the 2 carrying cases for modeling, S Series and M Series, so you can see the difference in size between them.

And finally, some photos without the methacrylate door so that you can see the inside perfectly:

Main features

Below, I will list some features that I liked about this portable case:

  • Dimensions: The Airas Box M Series measures 40x40x20 cm and the S Series 25x25x20 cm. Clearly the M Series is perfect for large armies or figures, and the S Series could be very useful for armies with few miniatures, like a Kill Team for example. The S Series includes 1 modular shelf in height, and the M Series includes 2, although extra shelves can be purchased if required.
  • Steel plates: One of the things I liked most about the Airas Box is that it includes metal steel plates. This is very important because whenever we are going to magnetize miniatures, the magnets we use are as important as the surface where we are going to transport them. By using these rigid metal sheets, we achieve maximum adhesion for our miniatures, which translates into safety.
  • Resistant: This is a highly resistant case that will provide our precious miniatures with the security they need to reach their destination safely. Personally, I prefer something hard and sturdy, rather than using a miniature carrying bag.
  • Practical: By having several positions where to place the modular shelves in height, we can use these cases for various uses. We can use them to transport our army to the next game of our favorite Wargame, or we can even transport our precious figures, busts or dioramas to painting contests.
  • Exhibitor of miniatures: Thanks to its methacrylate door, we can use this case as if it were a portable display case of figures, where to have at home exposed our figures, but ready to be transported when we need it.

Transporting our miniatures

Now that we have seen the assembly and its main features and advantages, I will show you some pictures of these Army Boxes.

Airas Box S Series:

Transport of small armies or Kill Teams:

One of the main uses for the smaller version of the range is to transport one or more Warhammer 40,000 Kill Teams, for example.

Here I show you how I have been able to transport 2 Kill teams in a single Airas S Series, a Kill Team of Imperial Guard / Astra Militarum and another one of Tyranids. As you can see in the pictures, there are still gaps and some extra miniatures could be added if necessary.

Thanks to its modular shelves in height, we can configure it to our liking.

Finally, here you can see it with its methacrylate front door.

Transport of miniatures for painting contests

Besides transporting small armies of miniatures, one of the best uses I see for this case is to transport miniatures, busts or even dioramas to painting contests, as I show you in the following pictures:

Airas Box M Series – The best choice for Warhammer Transport

The main use of the big brother of this range is to transport armies to the battlefield. Next I show you some pictures transporting an army of Warhammer 40k Space Wolves, ready to serve our emperor.

I hope that this complete analysis of the Airas Box has been informative and above all useful, so that you can see all that it offers and the different uses that we can give it.

Where to buy it?

If you liked everything these magnificent cases have to offer, you can purchase them from the following links:

Airas Box Serie S

Airas Box Serie M

See you in the next article!

If you want to support me to continue creating free content for the community, you can do it here!

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