How to paint Ork and Goblin skin

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This tutorial shows how to paint the skin of Orcs and Goblins in a simple way using the paints from the Orcs & Goblins 72.304 set by Vallejo.

Resin figures from the “Gunz N’ Fungus” collection by Kromlech have been used. They are ideal to combine with the ‘Eavy Metal Stage from Kromlech that you can buy in Bandua Wargames.

Let’s Start!


1. First, the miniatures are primed in black with Surface Primer Black 70.602 and a subtle zenithal light is then applied with an airbrush, using Game Air Cold Grey 72.750.

2. As a base color, apply Game Color Heavy Black Green 72.147 using the airbrush.

It is advisable to use a small container to do the mixtures before pouring them into the airbrush. The dilution used throughout the airbrushing process has been 2 parts Game Color, 2 parts water and 2 parts Airbrush Thinner 71.261.

3. Next, the first highlights are applied with Game Color Sick Green 72.029, also with an airbrush.

4. To finish with the airbrush, apply the final highlights with a mixture of 1 part Game Color Sick Green 72.029 and 4 parts Game Color Livery Green 72.033. Optionally, you can apply a little Livery Green to some areas for maximum lighting.

5. To give it an organic touch, we will paint some parts of the skin using a mixture of Game Color Cadmium Skin 72.099 and Game Color Sick Green 72.029. We will apply it to lips, elbows, knuckles, etc.

6. With a very diluted mixture of Game Color Scarlet Blood 72.106, Game Color Royal Purple 72.016 and water, apply some glazes over all the areas covered in the previous step.

7. To add an extra tone to the shadows, create a very diluted wash with Game Color Royal Purple 72.016. It will be applied lightly on some areas of shadow.

8. To give lights to the skin, a mixture of Game Color Sick Green 72.029 and Game Color Livery Green 72.033 is made and applied on some areas of maximum lighting. Likewise, using Game Color Cadmium Skin 72.099 parts such as lips, elbows, knuckles, etc. are highlighted.

9. To give a final color tone to the skin, some glazes of Model Color Green Blue 70.808 are added. Some other details of the miniature, such as eyes, hair, etc. are also painted at this stage. It is a color that my partner Angel Giraldez loves, and since I saw him use it, I like it more every day.

10. Two other orcs have been painted following this same process, to show more examples and the end result on each of them.

12.- Finally, below you can see the finished figures, along with 1-cent coins so you can see their size.

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