How to paint weathering effects on Imperial Guard battle tank

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This tutorial shows how to easily and quickly paint weathering effects on a futuristic battle tank.

The Mortian Battle Tank (MBT) was used for this tutorial. (MBT, Mortian Battle Tank). This tutorial is valid for painting any Astra Militarum or Imperial Guard tanks: Leman Russ, Macharius, etc from Warhammer 40,000 or other wargames.

If you want to see how to paint an arctic camouflage for your tanks, I recommend that you read the previous tutorial.

Let’s Start!

Washes and Vallejo Environment

1.- Apply diluted Model Wash Brown 76.513 all over the lower area and the wheels.

2.- Dirt effects are created using Vallejo Environment Streaking Grime 73.824. It is applied diluted in a vertical direction to create streaking effects.

3.- A mixture of Model Wash Dark Grey 76.517 and Model Wash Blue Grey 76.524 is applied to some of the nooks and crannies, such as the imperial eagle on the sides, to increase the contrast and enhance the shadow effects.

4.- In some areas of the vehicle Vallejo Environment Streaking Grime 73.824 and Model Wash Dark Grey 76.517 can be combined to add another type of dirt effects.

5.- 5. It is preferable to pour the washes in a plastic palette (ref. HS120) from where you can apply and combine them to achieve different effects.


6.- Using a synthetic brush, apply dry Burnt Umber 73.110 pigment all over the lower area and the wheels.


7.- Using an old brush dipped in Brown Splash Mud Splash 73.805 blow with an airbrush to create a mud splash effect on the underside of the vehicle. If an airbrush is not available, this effect can also be achieved by rubbing a toothpick over the brush.

8.- Next, apply a little Brown Mud 73.811 with the brush to the lower areas of the vehicle.

Worn barrel

9.- To create a worn barrel effect, apply Game Color Smokey Ink 72.068 to the muzzle brake using the airbrush.

10.- Finally, apply Model Air Black 71.057 with airbrush at the end of the barrel muzzle brake, covering a smaller area than in the previous step.

Following these simple steps this will be the final result of the tank.

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